Mikko Hartikainen

Mikko Hartikainen, Product Manager, Business Intelligence Services at the Pharmaceutical Information Centre, is an experienced professional who has witnessed the major waves of internationalisation and digitalisation during his career. Mikko says continuous learning and working with customers are the best aspects of his job.

Product Manager Mikko Hartikainen found his career path when completing his practical training requirement for a university of applied sciences in the late 1990s. During his practical training at Leiras, Mikko learned about new services that were being developed for pharmacies, which sparked in him an interest in market data and development work. Mikko has since worked for several pharmaceutical companies and consulting firms in Finnish and international organizations. He joined the Pharmaceutical Information Centre five years ago.

“The tools and the operating environment have changed at an incredible pace, but customers still have the same basic need: how to bring together sales statistics, the customer’s own data and information about sales and marketing efforts to support enterprise resource planning. Vast amounts of information are available, but not necessarily in an easy format. We provide solutions that make our customers’ day-to-day operations easier.”

Interesting and rewarding work with customers

Mikko’s job includes product development, working with customers, technical updates and quality assurance. His role involves a great deal of consulting, understanding customers’ needs and thinking about solutions. Mikko says he particularly enjoys working with customers.

“Working with customers is mutual learning. Although I have gained plenty of experience and insight over the years, something new comes up every week. Global companies are continuously developing their operations, and responding to their needs is very interesting and educational.”

In addition to Finnish data, the Pharmaceutical Information Centre’s range of services includes Nordic data through the Nordic Pharma Insights network of partners.

“The Pharmaceutical Information Centre maintains a Nordic Product Number database, and we have a comprehensive Nordic cooperation network. We cooperate with DLI in Denmark and Pharmastat in Norway, and we have a joint venture, Swedish Pharma Insights, with them in Sweden. This means that Finnish and Nordic data is conveniently available for customers through the Pharmaceutical Information Centre and its partner network.”

Machine learning and advanced analytics

Changes in the operating environment and customers’ needs are reflected in service development needs in Mikko’s work. The Pharmanalytics service family has developed enormously in recent years. Instead of providing individual services, the Pharmaceutical Information Centre has developed Pharmanalytics, a new platform bringing together all the business intelligence services needed by customers: the Pharmarket market statistics service; the Real World Insights service, which reports on the actual consumption of pharmaceuticals; and Advanced Insights services in advanced analytics.

“We have transformed technology and taken our services to the cloud. New technology enables highly effective calculation models and entirely new ways of analysing data. We have also recruited new experts to enable machine learning and the effective use of mathematics in the further development of services. This year, we are going to integrate data on non-pharmaceutical products into our services,” Mikko explains.

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