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About the Code of Ethics

The marketing of medicinal products and all medical information that the pharma industry gives to the public is supervised by the legislator and regulatory authorities. Beside this pharma industry has its own Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics sets forth generally accepted operative principles that the pharmaceutical companies shall comply with in their operations. Operating against these codes can cause pharmaceutical companies financial sanctions. The Code of Ethics (Pharma Industry Finland) has been updated in January 2019. The Code of Ethics Web Test is available in Finnish and English.

The Code of Ethics consists of:

  • General principles
  • Code for the marketing of medicinal products
  • Code for the co-operation between the pharmaceutical industry and patient organizations
  • Code for health awareness information and other information on health and diseases targeted at consumers
  • Monitoring of the compliance with the code, preliminary inspection, sanctions and other stipulations
  • Other stipulations.

What is the Code of Ethics Web Test?

Pharma Industry Finland and the Pharmaceutical Information Centre created this web-based test with help from pharmaceutical companies. This test aims to promote the understanding of the Code of Ethics and increase knowledge about the marketing of medicinal products. The test also includes examples of everyday situations in the marketing of medicinal products. The test consists of 84 multiple-choice questions.


You can register using the registration form on this web page. You have 31 days to take the test after registration.