Novartis’ experiences of the Pharmaceutical Information Centre’s training


Novartis is a global pharmaceutical company operating in several important therapeutic areas. The company discovers, develops and delivers new treatments that both benefit the patient and offer sustainable healthcare solutions to society. We are also involved in developing healthcare with various partners. Novartis’ strong focus on development is also the reason it invests so much in developing the competence of its employees.

Reform of clinal trials requires operators to update their competence


Clinical trials are a prerequisite for effective healthcare and its development. They help create jobs and provide hospitals with investigational medicinal products free of charge. Trials also have huge significance for the national economy, as investment in research and development in 2021, for example, totalled EUR 234 million.

Patients also gain an important opportunity to participate in trials. Participating in trials may be the only treatment available for some patients, and participation in trials has even been found to save lives.