Information on medicine shortages and alternative products ensures continuity of drug therapy


In recent years, there has been a strong increase in medicine shortages. According to the Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea, the number of shortage notifications made by marketing authorisation holders is increasing continuously. In 2020, more than 2,000 supply shortage notifications were made to Fimea, which means that the number of notifications has increased fourfold since 2016.1

Environmental impacts of drugs can be reduced

When people get ill, they do not necessarily think about the environmental impacts of their drugs. The environmental impacts vary, however, depending on the pharmaceutical product, and these impacts can be influenced starting from the development of the drug molecule to the use and disposal of the drugs.
Everyone can reduce the harmful environmental impacts of drugs by following the instructions for use and returning expired or unused drugs to pharmacies for their safe disposal.

Pharmaca Fennica services also include DHPC communication and risk minimisation materials


The Pharmaceutical Information Centre’s Pharmaca Fennica drug datahub is very versatile. In addition to online services, mobile app and handbook, the Pharmaca Fennica database is used as part of patient and pharmacy databases. The Pharmaca Fennica services are constantly being developed: new materials related to patient safety were recently added to the services, for example.