Clone of Information about harmful drug interactions directly to the doctor’s desktop


Harmful drug interactions can result in human suffering and additional healthcare costs if a patient is hospitalised. The Pharmaceutical Information Centre has created a database to help prevent harmful interactions. The structured database can be integrated into patient information systems, meaning that doctors can review potential interactions when prescribing a drug.

Real world data on trends and changes in drug therapy


Real world data flows offer entirely new opportunities for improving resource planning and decision-making in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. However, filtering the data essential for making decisions from the mass of data has remained a challenge because of the vast amount of data available. Pharmaceutical Information Centre’s business intelligence services offer solutions for this challenge.

Cooperation between Pharmaceutical Information Centre and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare helps to ensure equity of care


Pharmaceutical Information Centre and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare have launched unique cooperation to support data-driven management.  They have created a service to transfer data between the two parties to provide information on the actual use of medicines for the Pharmaceutical Information Centre's Real World Data services. The service can be used to review regional care practices and to ensure equity of care.


How to make an organisation data-driven


“First-time founders are obsessed with products.
Second-time founders are obsessed with distribution.”

According to an old startup adage, first-time entrepreneurs are obsessed with developing their products while those running their second business are obsessed with the distribution of their products. Often you have to learn the hard way that even when you have a top-class product or service, you will not be successful until you can deliver it efficiently and reliably to your customers.


Sara Väätäjä started as Junior Data Analyst

Sara Väätäjä started as Junior Data Analyst at Pharmaceutical Information Centre on 1st September 2019. She is a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Cognitive Science. Last summer Sara took a 12-week course on data analytics at AW Academy.
Previously Sara has worked as a research assistant. Every once in a while she takes part in some kind of creative project or art such as music.


Business intelligence methods are ideal for business and research

University Pharmacy is a pharmacy group operating in Finland and Russia that is owned by the University of Helsinki. University Pharmacy carries out and plans research cooperation with a network of partners. Business intelligence is a tool used by University Pharmacy in its business and research operations.
The basic task of a pharmacy is pharmaceutical distribution and provision of pharmaceutical information.