Minna Jacobson

Minna is Director of Sales at the Pharmaceutical Information Centre. Her working days are varied and consist mainly of customer meetings and sales work. Minna is also working on various development projects.

Minna Jacobson has an M.Sc. in chemical engineering. She also specialised in microbiology and biochemistry.

Minna has a varied work history. For example, at the beginning of her career, she studied thermophilic bacteria in Iceland. As Minna has a competitive personality and is an extrovert, she was more interested in sales than research. While working in sales Minna has become familiar with Finnish healthcare and she has seen how it has changed over the years. She came to the Pharmaceutical Information Centre from Oriola, where she was Director of Sales and Account Management.

”Working with customers is what I enjoy the most”

Minna became Director of Sales at the Pharmaceutical Information Centre in August 2019. Her area of responsibility includes the entire sales process, from customer meetings to offers and finally to contracts. Three key account managers work in Minna’s team, which also includes marketing and communications professionals.

Minna loves working with sales and customers. She explains that her day-to-day work is very varied as her customer base is made up of healthcare, pharmaceutical sector and health technology professionals. During the day Minna does a lot of work with customers, which is something she finds rewarding.

“I feel it is important for customer encounters to focus on customer experience and on generating added value for the customer. It is important to acknowledge the customer’s needs and then to offer them a solution that develops their business. Listening to customers and responding to their needs are the most essential aspects.”

Minna is working on several development projects, the most important of which focuses on development of the customer experience. She has also refined the sales process and improved sales reporting and monitoring. 

Innovative and development-oriented workplace 

Minna characterises the Pharmaceutical Information Centre as a financially solid company that is like a start-up, which over the past decade has evolved from book publisher to provider of versatile digital services related to pharmaceuticals. She feels the company is highly development-oriented and innovative.

“As a workplace, the Pharmaceutical Information Centre is a very development-oriented and innovative forward-looking company, which has a great atmosphere and lovely people. You can really tell when a person is a Pharmaceutical Information Centre employee, and we are proud of what we do. Our meaningful and responsible work is reflected throughout the company.”

Minna explains that she has really enjoyed working at the Pharmaceutical Information Centre. She has been with the company for eighteen months now and says that she still learns something new every day.

“Our services are so extensive and varied that it takes time to become familiar with them all. That is what I like about my job – you learn something new every day and that is really great. I'm really happy here and proud of the company.”

Remote working in the midst of nature

We have been working remotely for a year now. Minna feels that day-to-day efficiency has increased as a result of remote working. The time that used to be spent travelling can now be used effectively for work. She says that at the same time she also misses face-to-face meetings with her customers and colleagues.

“Things have gone well during the coronavirus pandemic, and I have enjoyed being able to spend time in the countryside at our cottage in Lohja. Long walks with the camera bring variety to my day and are very refreshing. At the end of the working day, I am already in Lohja, surrounded by nature, so as soon as I finish my work I can go out and take photographs of the scenery or animals. That is what I have really liked about this time.”


In 2020, the Pharmaceutical Information Centre participated in the Great Place to Work survey for the first time and was awarded Great Place to Work certification. Read more about the Pharmaceutical Information Centre as an employer >