Riina Salonen

Riina Salonen has started at Pharmaceutical Information Centre as a Key Account Manager with responsibility for pharmaceutical Information services. Riina has a Master`s degree in Economics and is also a Pharmacist with a pedagogical competence. In addition, she is currently studying for a degree of Master of Science in Technology in the field of healthcare.

Riina has extensive sales and customer service experience in various fields, most recently in investments in the banking world. In addition, Riina is worked as a pharmacist in a pharmacy on weekends, maintaining her medical knowledge.

- I am glad for this opportunity to do meaningful work on safe medication. In this work, I get to combine my educational background and experience with people, and I look forward to getting to know and help clients. At the Pharmaceutical Information Centre, we believe that improvement starts with knowledge, and we offer our customers the know-how, services and tools to improve safety, effectiveness and results, Riina explains.

In addition to studying in her free time, Riina plays tennis, bikes and goes to the gym. In summer she also tries hard to learn how to play golf.