Head of Analytics Mikko Polvi

Real world data flows offer entirely new opportunities for improving resource planning and decision-making in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. However, filtering the data essential for making decisions from the mass of data has remained a challenge because of the vast amount of data available. Pharmaceutical Information Centre’s business intelligence services offer solutions for this challenge.

With new legislation on the secondary use of health and social data, data originating from the official healthcare registers can now be utilised for the development of operations and business intelligence. Until now, register data and data flows have been dispersed, which has made their utilisation challenging. Last autumn, Pharmaceutical Information Centre introduced data accumulated from a number of registers into its Pharmanalytics platform, where pharmaceutical and healthcare professionals can easily access this data for their use.

“Our business intelligence service portfolio has expanded enormously in the last few years. Pharmarket market analysis platform, which is familiar to many, is now supplemented by the new Real World Insights service. The users of the service can now find answers to highly detailed questions on the real world use of pharmaceuticals,” says Mikko Polvi, Head of Analytics at the Pharmaceutical Information Centre.

Regional, national and Nordic analyses of implementation of drug therapy

Real World Insights service enables pharmaceutical and healthcare providers to analyse the implementation of drug therapy quickly and flexibly at the regional, national and Nordic levels. Data is automatically updated to the service, and users – the sales, marketing and market access units at pharmaceutical companies as well as healthcare and social welfare policymakers and chief physicians – can gain a rapid overview of the trends and changes in drug therapy.

“We receive statistical data continuously from the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare on outpatient visits (AvoHILMO) and from Kela on medicine reimbursements and this is transferred automatically into our service. We enrich this data with data from our Pharmarket and Pharmaca Fennica services and mine and refine it with algorithms and AI to gain new insights. We then visualise the results with easy-to-interpret presentations for end-users.”

The service helps users ensure that they are providing harmonised care and provides support for impact assessments of therapies.

“The users can see which diseases drugs are used for and how drug therapy practices differ regionally, for example by hospital district. Our service provides support in selecting the most effective and cost-efficient treatments.”

Development continues together with customers

Real Worlds Insights service has been developed in close collaboration with customers, and it has received excellent feedback for its data content, clarity and visual nature.

“We have an agile and highly competent team developing our business intelligence services, with experts in technology, pharmaceutical and healthcare knowledge and business. Please, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any requirements or questions regarding business intelligence and real world data. Our service is already capable of dealing with very demanding needs and we continue to improve it even further together with our customers.”

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