Vnr services

Nordic Product Number (Vnr) is a six-digit code for medicines that allows reliable identification of a single drug packet throughout all phases of drug delivery.

For more information about Vnr numbers and how to use them, visit the VnrWiki Web site at VnrWiki.

Vnr service website enables companies to order Vnr numbers digitally and quickly.

In the Vnr network service, companies also can review the up-to-date Vnr figures for all Nordic countries. To access the Vnr network service, you will need a username and a password that you may get by filling out the acknowledgment on the online service's landing page.

National Medical Database

Product notifications to the National Medical Database

The Vnr web service allows pharmaceutical companies to easily make any announcements regarding pharmaceutical products on the Finnish market:

  • market entry notifications
  • price change notices
  • product withdrawal notices
  • quarterly declarations of interchangeable medicines and products of the reference price system
  • product code changes

The use of the Vnr online service facilitates daily work by pharmaceutical companies and other people in the field. The Pharmaceutical Information Centre provides information to the co-operating partners: Fimea, Kela, Association of Finnish Pharmacies, University Pharmacy and pharmaceutical wholesalers. The notifications made will be communicated to the co-operatives by a separate agreement. The use of the service is free of charge.

Data on the National Medical Database are updated on the basis of notifications made to the Vnr web service. All product notifications for the National Medical Database will be submitted to the Pharmaceutical Information Centre no later than eighth working days before the 1st and 15th of each month.

VNR service team

Do you have questions about product notifications or ordering Vnr numbers?

Please contact, we will help you:

Pia Hednäs (Vnr)
Esta Vainio-Sonninen (National Medicine Database)
Outi Bergman (National Medical Database)