Pharmaca Fennica® for pharmaceutical companies

Pharmaca Fennica Lääketietopalvelu

Pharmaca Fennica® Drug Information Service

The Pharmaceutical Information Centre is the intersection of pharmaceutical knowledge and a principal partner of key pharmaceutical practitioners. We ensure the correct and safe use of pharmaceuticals.

Pharmaca Fennica® Update Service

We offer pharmaceutical companies an easy and user-friendly service for updating pharmaceutical information.

The Pharmaca Fennica update service includes adding new summary of product characteristics (SPC) and/or package information leaflets (PIL), and inserting updates to existing material to the PF Drug Information Service.

New releases and updates quickly and reliably

Your company sends us the SPC and/or PIL as an email attachment, and we will update the PF Drug Information Service on your behalf. The SPCs and/or PILs are updated straightforwardly and reliably, saving valuable company time.

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