Medicine shortage information and information on substitutable available products

Medicine shortages challenge doctors on daily basis. It is difficult to resolve shortage problems because doctors do not have up-to-date information on which substitutable products are available and which are not. Pharmaceutical Information Centre has brought a solution to the situation for all pharmaceutical and healthcare professionals in cooperation with other pharmaceutical sector actors. The information is now available in Pharmaca Fennica web services and mobile app.

 - We have brought information about medicine shortages into pharmaceutical information services, so that shortage information is clearly visible in connection with other pharmaceutical information. This way doctors will know if the medicine is available already when prescribing. At the same time, doctors also see what similar medicines are available, says Director Essi Kariaho from the Pharmaceutical Information Centre.

Solution saves doctor's time

Medicine shortage information is displayed in conjunction with other medical information in Pharmaca Fennica® Pharmaceutical Information Services, and available for all pharmacy and patient information systems. Medicine shortage information is be kept up to date in accordance with the information provided by pharmaceutical companies and Fimea.

- With our solution, information on medicine shortages is available to all parties involved in drug treatment in a timely, up-to-date and comprehensive manner. Information is updated daily basis. If the medicine shortage ends earlier than previously thought or if the shortage persists, the new information is easily updated for all parties who need the information, and the information is always up-to-date, says Minna Palhamo, CEO of the Pharmaceutical Information Centre.

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