Junior software developer Riina Moilanen
At the beginning of April 2019, Riina Moilanen joined the Pharmaceutical Information Centre as a junior software developer. Riina, who was originally a pharmacist, became interested in IT having completed an online course in basic Java coding.

“I had worked as a pharmacist in various pharmacies and as a ward pharmacist in three different hospital wards. I then started to consider new areas in which I could extend my expertise, and I became interested in IT. After the online Java course I participated in a couple of ‘Mimmit koodaa’ coding workshops for women, where I got to know other professionals, and I decided that this is the field I want to explore,” Riina says.

Riina ended up at the Pharmaceutical Information Centre via the JavaScript Accelerated Learning programme arranged by Academy. The training model concentrates on rapid hands-on learning through active teamwork and continuous feedback. The training is based on concrete tasks that are relevant for future duties. Through the training, Riina received an assignment from the Pharmaceutical Information Centre, and now she works as a member of their IT team of nine persons.

“Academy provided me with the skills to perform Full Stack tasks. In the Pharmaceutical Information Centre I have been working on Front End tasks since the spring, and now I have also gradually been working on more and more Back End tasks. I have had the opportunity to use various programming languages and technologies in a versatile way. I can use and develop my expertise in a versatile way and I think this is important.”

User’s viewpoint as a cornerstone of development work

At the Pharmaceutical Information Centre, digital pharmaceutical information services are developed for the needs of pharmaceutical and health care professionals. In her work, Riina is able to use both her pharmaceutical and IT expertise.

“As I have worked as a pharmacist at various pharmacies and a ward pharmacist at hospitals, I have a good understanding of the everyday needs and challenges faced by pharmacists in their work. Taking into account the user’s point of view, user experience and the UI are at the very core of the development work.”

Riina says that she very much enjoys working for the Pharmaceutical Information Centre.

“It has been easy for me to become part of the team. I like the good and encouraging atmosphere, and the people here are interested in the employees’ own ideas and interests. We have the opportunity to develop our expertise according to the areas we are interested in. This is a good place for a junior software developer to work also in terms of learning: there’s a lot of expertise in the house, and the more experienced developers are happy to assist whenever I need some help.”
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