Riikka Leppänen, Pharmacist (M.Sc.), Information Services

The Pharmaceutical Information Centre’s Pharmaca Fennica drug datahub is very versatile. In addition to online services, mobile app and handbook, the Pharmaca Fennica database is used as part of patient and pharmacy databases. The Pharmaca Fennica services are constantly being developed: new materials related to patient safety were recently added to the services, for example.

Many are familiar with the Pharmaca Fennica online services, mobile app and handbooks. The Pharmaca Fennica drug information data also often helps to make up EHR, PHR and pharmacy IT systems and the services are used by pharmacy staff, physicians and nurses.

The Pharmaca Fennica drug information resources and the related services are developed constantly. Feedback from customers is the impetus for the development work.

“We are very active in collecting feedback from healthcare professionals at meetings, events and with surveys. In this way we ensure that our services meet the needs of the users. We have implemented numerous excellent development ideas that have been suggested by our users,” says Riikka Leppänen, Pharmacist (M.Sc.).

DHPC communication and risk minimisation materials support patient safety

Information related to patient safety, in particular, has recently been the focus of the development of Pharmaca Fennica services. The latest new types of content are the Direct Healthcare Professional Communication (DHPC) and risk minimisation materials. They were selected as areas for development on the basis of feedback from customers.

“Pharmaceutical companies can easily publish materials supporting patient safety in Pharmaca Fennica services, and from there they are forwarded to various EHR, PHR and pharmacy IT systems, such as Apotti. The users of the service benefit from the fact that all information related to pharmaceuticals is easily in one service,” says Leppänen.

The Pharmaceutical Information Centre updates the Pharmaca Fennica services every day with authority-approved materials related to drug safety supplied by pharmaceutical companies. This means that the latest information is always available for users of the service. Materials related to drug safety can be easily found with the rest of the drug information, which means there is no need to search for them separately. The materials are published in several different languages, and also as images and videos.

Versatile Pharmaca Fennica services

The Pharmaca Fennica online service, which is open to everyone, has over 100,000 users each month and the Hoitotyön Pharmaca Fennica is used by all the largest hospital districts, for example. The Pharmaca Fennica mobile app already has 65,000 users. There are also several implementation projects in progress in which the new, drug-specific Pharmaca Fennica online service and database, which has received positive feedback from users, is being integrated into EHR, PHR and pharmacy IT systems.

“It is very easy to implement. The EHR, PHR and pharmacy IT system supplier just adds a link to the online service or, if desired, creates functionalities, which allow users to view images, care support materials in various languages and packaging information leaflets, for example. All the necessary information can be found in one single place,” says Leppänen.


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