Nordic Medicines Sustainability Forum 2021

Sustainability issues in the pharmaceutical industry are now more relevant than ever. Pharmaceutical Information Centre brings together Nordic pharmaceutical industry actors to discuss environmental impacts of medicines.

Nordic Medicines Sustainability Forum 2021 covers a wide range of stages in the life cycle of a medicine, from manufacturer to the patient and disposal of the medicine. The event will present cases how pharmaceutical companies respond to the challenges posed by the environmental impacts of medicines and what issues need to be considered at different stages of a medicine's life cycle. In addition, the event will focus on measuring the environmental impacts and give practical case examples of the implementation of environmental projects as part of the company's day-to-day operations.

- The pharmaceutical industry is working more and more actively on environmental and sustainability issues. Excellent work has been done in the Nordic countries and new solutions have been developed to measure and reduce environmental impacts of medicines. Nordic Medicines Sustainability Forum brings together players in the field to share the best solutions and examples for the inspiration and utilization of all actors in the pharmaceutical industry, says Head of Learning Ulla Partanen from Pharmaceutical Information Centre.

The speakers of the event will be the leading experts in the field from the Nordic countries, such as Bengt Mattson, Policy Manager, LIF; Sanja Karlsson, SUDDEN Project Coordinator, University of Helsinki; Lisa Stern Ödmark, Chefsstrateg, Sveriges Apoteksförening, Dorethe Nielsen, Vice President, Circular for Zero, Corporate Environmental Strategy, Novo Nordisk A / S; Kati Nyman, Head of Communications, Public Affairs, Science and Sustainability, Bayer Nordic Region; Lisette Graae, Miljötillstånd och åtgärdsstrategier, IVL Svenska Miljöinstitutet; Elli Leppä, Development Pharmacist, Pharmaceutical Information Centre and Katja Tolkki, Head of Sustainability, Oriola.

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Nordic Medicines Sustainability Forum 2021