Information Service Pharmacist Maija Saarnilampi

Pharmaceutical Information Centre's medical information team strengthened at the beginning of this summer when Maija Saarnilampi joined the company as an Information Service Pharmacist. In addition to her former Master’s in Pharmacy, Maija also has a recent BBA degree in Business Information Technology. Maija completed her degree by writing her thesis for Pharmaceutical Information Centre as part of the MASSE project.

Before moving to Pharmaceutical Information Centre, Maija worked in the pharmaceutical industry for around ten years, mainly in the fields of regulatory affairs and quality management.

- Pharmaceutical Information Centre was a familiar company to me from my previous jobs. In my years in the pharmaceutical industry, I produced a lot of information which Pharmaceutical Information Centre has been using. I was impressed by company's innovative approach to the development of new digital services years ago, which in turn inspired me to go to study IT, Maija says.

In her new role, Maija will be responsible for the development of pharmaceutical databases and related services.

- I'm really excited about my new role. Already in the first few weeks, it became clear that I have a huge amount of new things to learn here, and on the other hand, I am able to bring to the company my own knowledge of the industry and my recent studies. I believe that, in addition to myself and Pharmaceutical Information Centre, the users of our services will benefit from this.