The KAMU medicine search is a service produced in cooperation between the Pharmaceutical Information Centre and FINCIS (Finnish Center for Integrity in Sports). The KAMU – prohibited substances and methods in sports service helps athletes to identify which medicines are permitted in sports and which are not.

The mobile and online service is based on the Pharmaceutical Information Centre's databases and covers prescription and self-care products available in Finland. The KAMU application is free of charge and can be downloaded for Android and iOS devices. The KAMU medicine search application is available in Finnish and Swedish, and now also in English.

The medicine search is easy to use and with the mobile app, you can access the information wherever you need it. Athletes can mark the medicinal products that they use in the KAMU application. This way the information is always at hand, whether at a pharmacy or during a doping test. 

The method of administrating a product may affect its doping classification

When checking a product, athletes must also check the method of administration. Some medicinal products may have several methods of administration, such as tablet or cream. One may be allowed and another prohibited. A medicinal product may also contain several active ingredients with different doping classifications. If a medicinal product contains any prohibited active ingredient, the product itself is also prohibited. 

The KAMU medicine search should not be used to check whether medicines obtained abroad are allowed because the names of medicinal products may be the same in Finland and abroad, but they may contain different pharmaceutical substances. The KAMU mobile app provides links to the medicine searches of different countries, which will help athletes check the doping classification of medicines purchased from abroad.

For non-medicinal products, contact the importer for information

The KAMU medicine search does not contain technochemical products, homeopathic preparations, nutritional supplements or so-called natural products. To find out information about their composition it is necessary to contact the seller or importer. Some nutritional supplements may contain prohibited substances even if they are not mentioned in the product description. Athletes are always personally responsible for what is discovered in their bodies in a doping test.

The doping classification of medicines that is maintained for the KAMU service can also easily be utilised in health care systems and applications as part of the Pharmaca Fennica pharmaceutical database.


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