Customer case: Apotti


"The service is fast, friendly and professional"

Apotti is a social and healthcare information system that aims to ease the work of doctors, pharmacists, nurses as well as social workers and to guide them towards the best practices. The cooperation with Pharmaceutical Information Centre guarantees Apotti that their medical information is always up to date. 

Katri Yli-Kovero works at Apotti as the application coordinator manager and her responsibility is to implement the medical information received from Pharmaceutical Information Centre into Apotti. The cooperation with Pharmaceutical Information Centre began three years ago. 

– This cooperation has made my work much easier, because they are such a reliable operator. Furthermore, it’s very easy to work with them, Yli-Kovero says. 

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Tuija Hiirikoski and Panu Teittinen from Orion Pharma

Orion Pharma

"They listen to our requests and take them into consideration"

Orion Pharma is Finland's leading pharmaceutical company. The Pharmaceutical Information Centre's Pharmarket™ market statistics service allows Orion Pharma to monitor and analyse the pharmaceutical market at national and regional levels. Orion is especially impressed with the way in which the Pharmaceutical Information Centre listens to its clients and takes their wishes into account.

RX Sales Manager Tuija Hiirikoski and Portfolio Development Manager Panu Teittinen especially appreciate Pharmarket’s ease of use, the speed of updates, and the fact that the service can be customised. For example, reports can be conveniently created for a variety of purposes. The service has successfully met the needs of managing and steering sales.

“I personally feel that the Pharmaceutical Information Centre is a pretty agile company. Their excellent customer service also takes care of us and strives for continuous improvement. I have been left with a very positive image of the company,” says Teittinen.

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Customer Case: Finnish Center for Integrity in Sports

Clean sport as a mutual goal

The KAMU service was born as a result of co-operation between the Pharmaceutical Information Center and the Finnish Center for Integrity in Sports (FINCIS). In the application KAMU – Prohibited Substances and Methods in Sports you can check which medical substances are allowed in sports and which are prohibited. The mobile and online service is based on the Pharmaceutical Information Center's medical databases and applies to prescription and non-prescription medicines available in Finland.

"Athletes have been asking for a mobile application that enables them to easily see which substances and methods are banned, and we have developed the KAMU application together with the Pharmaceutical Information Center", explains Pekka Rauhala, the medical expert at FINCIS.

The Doping Classification of Medicines of KAMU is also readily available for healthcare professionals as part of the Pharmaca Fennica drug information services.

Customer case: Tays

Customer case: Tampere University Hospital

Pharmaca Fennica drug information services aid nurses' daily work

As a result of the electronic medicinal robots becoming more common, the drug packets are no longer so easily fetched.Thus, nurses need a service, which makes it easy to check for information on medical packs and where to check the appearance of medicines. Tampere University Hospital (Tays) supports the work of nurses by using Pharmaca Fennica drug databases.

A nurse working at Tays' Internal Medicine and Rheumatic Center describes her experiences with Pharmaca Fennica drug information service: "I can easily find medicine's information and check the appearance of a certain drug. In general, the service is clear and easy to use."

Customer case: Attendo

Customer case: Attendo

Identifying medical skills of practical nurses

Pharmaceutical Information Centre conducted a Pharmacy Skills Survey on over 1100 practical nurses and personnel on similar positions.

"At Attendo, we want to make sure that the medical know-how of practical nurses matches our values and pharmacovigilance plan. "This goal was achieved in a very flexible and cost-effective manner through the competence mapping of Pharmaceutical Information Centre", says Tuija Haatainen, Director of Quality and Development. "Results of the research help us to plan organize education activities more efficiently", continues Haatainen.

Attendo, founded in 1985, is the largest healthcare service company in the Nordic countries. 

Customer case: Annakaija Lappalainen

Customer case: physician on gene information course

A comprehensive picture of the use of gene information

"I participated to the first Genomics and Individual Pharmacotherapy training of Pharmaceutical Information Centre on 28.11.2017. Based on the first training, I recommend the following event very warmly! The content was excellent and carefully designed as a whole: simply "a must" for any clinician who is interested in the future and also for any other healthcare service provider.

At the event, speakers with versatile backgrounds, from genetic experts and healthcare service providers to legislators, formed a many-sided, but clear picture of gene information's state today − and what might be the situation tomorrow."

Annakaija Lappalainen, gynecologist, Aava Medical Center


Customer case: Mediconsult

Customer case: Mediconsult

Pharmaca Fennica medical database improves work efficiency and medication safety

For several years, Pharmaca Fennica has been helping Mediconsult's patient information system, Mediatri, to implement safe and effective healthcare services. "Mediatri has up-to-date Pharmaca Fennica medical information readily available", says Senior Medical Practitioner Sari Mäkinen from Kangasala Social and Healthcare Center. According to Mäkinen, the most commonly used doses of medicine introduced into the system accelerate prescribing the medication and improve medication safety. 

"We have paid special attention to the handling of medicines in Mediatri. For example, it is easy to search pharmaceutical products and compare their pharmacological properties. Our customers have been very pleased with the availability of pharmaceutical information in our systems," says Tommi Salaspuro, the CEO of Mediconsult.

Customer case: Orion

Customer case: Orion 

Ensuring professional skills

"We want to ensure that ethical guidelines are respected in our company. We ensured the level of adequate knowledge for our employees very flexibly and cost-effectively through the "Code of Ethics Web test" of the Pharmaceutical Information Centre. 

I would warmly recommend purchasing the test for your company, and not only in pharmaceutical companies but also in your stakeholder companies, to make cooperation easier."

Sari Pesonen, Sales Director, Orion Corporation