Critical Tide, levälaboratorio, Julia Lohmann
The opening of the Critical Tide exhibition, which examines the wellbeing of oceans, was held at the Design Museum on 5 September. The Pharmaceutical Information Centre is the main partner of the Critical Tide exhibition.
The Critical Tide exhibition is one of the projects in the Design Club’s three-year Open Call exhibition series. Design Club is an international service design network, which brings together parties from different sectors.  The Pharmaceutical Information Centre has been a member of the Design Club from the very beginning.
“We are involved in Design Club as service design is a key factorn the accessibility of information and digital services. The Pharmaceutical Information Centre focuses on customer understanding and service design to combine information and skills into reliable and easy-to-use pharmaceutical information services,” says Minna Palhamo, CEO of the Pharmaceutical Information Centre.
The projects presented in the Critical Tide exhibition have been supported by the Pharmaceutical Information Centre, the John Nurminen Foundation and the Lions for Clean Water project of the Lions Club of Finland. Palhamo explains that the Design Club is a network that offers an excellent forum for discussing views and learning from others:
“There is competence in the network and there is strength in cooperation. The strengths and views of various sectors catalyse your own thoughts and support the development of business.”
The Critical Tide exhibition was also created by a multi-professional, international team: Julia Lohmann (designer and professor at Aalto University), Pirjo Haikola (designer, scuba diving instructor and researcher at RMIT in Melbourne), Gillian Russell (designer, curator and researcher at the Emily Carr University in Vancouver) and Gero Grundmann (designer and illustrator).
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Piia Lehtinen ja Minna Palhamo

Design Club is a network that offers an excellent forum for discussing views and learning from others. In the photo Piia Lehtinen (Design Museum) and Minna Palhamo (Pharmaceutical Information Centre).

New solutions to improve the wellbeing of the oceans

The Critical Tide exhibition is interactive and solution-oriented: the artists participating in the project offer new solutions for improving the wellbeing of the oceans through design. The exhibition exercises almost all the senses: though it is not possible to taste the works, visitors can view, hear, touch and smell them.

Visitors to the Critical Tide exhibition are more than just passive observers, they can also be active participants, if they wish. They can visit Julia Lohman’s seaweed laboratory and sink their hands into seaweed: Lohman and her team will be at the exhibition space on Wednesdays and visitors will be able to experiment with working with seaweed.
Empathy and the understanding of opportunities to have an influence also have a key role in the exhibition. The actions do not need to be big - we can all do our bit to help the oceans. Gero Grundman’s Baltic Characters project is a playful test in which visitors can find out which species in the Baltic Sea they are most similar to. The visitors can also confess the sins they have committed against the sea and learn about environmentally friendly mats made from human hair, animal fur, wool and feathers which can be used to absorb oil spills.
The Critical Tide exhibition has received excellent feedback from customers and partners of the Pharmaceutical Information Centre.
“The oceans and their wellbeing have personal significance for me as I spend a lot of time relaxing by the sea and in the archipelago. With our choices, we can all influence the destruction or wellbeing of the diverse organisms in the oceans, and this exhibition explains this wonderfully through art,” says Ilpo Tolonen, CEO Docrates Cancer Centre.
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Viktoria Paananen, Ilpo Tolonen ja Minna Jacobson tutustuivat näyttelyyn ensimmäisten joukossa.
Viktoria Paananen, Ilpo Tolonen and Minna Jacobson were among the first to visit the exhibition.










Rami Ihamäki
Rami Ihamäki from Orion examines the Ocean confessionals work.

Easily accessible information to support decision-making

“The wellbeing of the oceans was a natural choice as the theme of an exhibition supported by the Pharmaceutical Information Centre, as the environment and sustainability are important themes for the Pharmaceutical Information Centre. We carry out active work to benefit the environment. For example, we launched a project in the summer to include the environmental classification of pharmaceuticals in our pharmaceutical information services,” says Palhamo.
Solution orientation and harnessing information to support activities strongly steer the Pharmaceutical Information Centre’s development work.
“We want to offer easily accessible information to support the decision-making of health care professionals. The environmental classification of pharmaceuticals will be quick and easy to use if it is clearly presented with the rest of our pharmaceutical information. In the spring of 2020 we will also organise an environmental day for the pharmaceutical industry, which will be a continuation of our first event of this kind that was held in the spring of 2019.”
Critical Tide exhibition
Dates: 6 September – 27 October 2019
Venue: Design Museum, Korkeavuorenkatu 23, Helsinki