Business Intelligence Services

Pharmanalytics Business Intelligence

Do you need to make decisions based on high-quality and up-to-date information? Do you require market data on pharmaceuticals from Finland or the Nordic countries? Do you need data on the use of pharmaceuticals in real life (Real World Data, RWD) in your work?

Pharmanalytics services provide a comprehensive selection of business intelligence services for demanding needs. In addition to the easy-to-use Pharmarket market statistics service, our selection of services includes real world data services and advanced analytics services. In addition to data on the Finnish market, we also offer data on the Nordic market.

Pharmarket market statistics service

The Pharmarket market statistics service enables pharmaceutical companies and other operators to analyse the Finnish pharmaceutical market at the national and regional levels. Read more >

Pharmanalytics Real World Insights

The Pharmanalytics Real World Insights service is a cost-effective business intelligence tool for resource planning that enables you to ensure equal implementation of treatment. Read more >

Pharmanalytics Advanced Insights

Pharmanalytics Advanced Insights is an advanced analysis service for those working in sales and marketing in pharmaceutical companies. It helps you optimise the use of resources, focus your actions and offer a service that is better tailored to different customer groups. Read more >

Nordic Pharma Insights

Nordic Pharma Insights is an automated pharmaceutical sales data reporting tool that enables you to quickly analyse reliable and up-to-date pharmaceutical sales data from all the Nordic countries through a single user interface. Read more >