Use of the pharmaceuticals in real life

Real World Insights

"The Real-World Insights service provides a quick overview of the real-life use of medicines and thus helps pharmaceutical companies to improve operational control, communication with stakeholders and authority reporting."

Do you need data on the real world use of pharmaceuticals in your work (Real World Data, RWD)? Do you need to monitor changes in drug treatments or the distribution of indications?

The Pharmanalytics Real World Insights service is a cost-effective business intelligence tool for steering operations that enables you to ensure equal implementation of treatment.

The benefits of the service

  • Analyze drug use at the national and regional levels
  • Compare treatment practices
  • Leverage pre-validated and visualized data

The Pharmanalytics Real World Insights service brings together data from Kela's statistics on reimbursements and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare’s Avohilmo register and offers up-to-date information on the real world use of drugs to sales, marketing and market access functions in pharmaceutical companies and to social and healthcare decision-makers and chief physicians.

Rapid overview of trends and changes in drug therapy

The Pharmanalytics Real World Insights service enables pharmaceutical and healthcare providers to analyse the implementation of drug therapy quickly and flexibly at the regional, national and Nordic levels. Data is automatically updated to the service, and users gain a rapid overview of the trends and changes in drug therapy. It is easy to see:

  • Which diseases drugs are used for
  • How many new users there are for drugs
  • How drug therapy practices differ regionally, for example by hospital district
  • How user numbers shift between different forms of drug therapy

The data can be studied and visualised with an easy-to-use tool and it is possible to find answers for very precise questions. At the same time, the service’s data protection meets the legal requirements and does not contain any information that could be used to identify patients.

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Customer stories
Bristol Myers Squibb
The service helps you interpret and understand the pharmaceutical market. It provides information on the distribution of various indications for preparations. It makes it easy to interpret trends and the progress of various matters.
Päivi Erävaara, Business Unit Director
Bristol Myers Squibb’s experiences with the Pharmanalytics Real World Insights …