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Pharmarket easy-to-use and cost-effective market statistical service

Pharmarket enables pharmaceutical companies and others to analyze the Finnish pharmaceutical market at national and regional levels. The sales of the preparations can be monitored at different time periods and with different classifications.

For drug marketing companies, the service provides an up-to-date and reliable view of the overall market, regional sales and tracking of competitors. Sales and price information are updated every two weeks. With an easy-to-use and versatile service, the pharmaceutical company is able to make legitimate business decisions and direct its operations to the desired direction.

For authorities, organizations, research institutes and consulting businesses, the service provides concrete tools for both the development of the customer's own and the customer's business, as well as lobbying and market research.


Available anywhere and anytime

Pharmarket can be used with an internet browser in both office and remote client work. There is also a data cube available that allows you to easily and quickly process the desired report in your Excel. Work can also be done on the go, as mobile devices have their own versatile user interface.

We are constantly adding more features to the service, both in the pharmacy and in the hospital market. The Pharmarket Development Path finds, among others, generic market classification and enrichment of information with new information content (e.g. population numbers).

Adjust your own home screen

The sales data and automatic reports you want are available on all platforms from desktop to mobile, and reports can be created based on your business needs. For example, you can concentrate on management reports or support sales representatives.

Create your own reports

Making your reports according to your needs is easy. You'll also get standardized reports that are easy to share in your business and work more in Excel and PowerPoint.

Pharmarket mobiili

Pharmarket mobile – fast and editable

Pharmarket Mobile is a visual reporting service that is easy to deploy. The service is implemented on a platform that can easily be accessed by multiple sources of information. Ready for commissioning, we provide wholesale statistics and price history service. Integrating your company's own data is also possible.

Advantages of Pharmarket mobile

  • Fast deployment that takes a few days and includes 4 completed report views.
  • Creating additional reports to the service can be easily done in a matter of hours.
  • Monthly reporting on the sales field can be automated.
  • Easy interface releases time to analyze data.
  • The iPad / Android application will be opened more often than the PC application.

We offer Nordic sales data in cooperation

Pharmaceutical Information Center is involved in Nordic Pharma Insights (NPI) offering Nordic sales data. Now you can easily view reliable and up-to-date marketing data from all Nordic countries via one interface. An easy-to-use service allows you to look at sales at both national and regional levels in euros or even in crowns. You can create your own reports and Dashboard views for different usage needs. For country-specific sales (FI, SE, DK, NO) you can drill down to the regional level up to the minimum market.

NPI complements our Pharmarket service, so NPI figures fully match Pharmarket figures. The NPI service has a local customer service team in each country that knows the region as its own pockets and will be happy to help with any situation. We are happy to provide the service to our new and old Pharmarket customers.

We will be happy to tell you more about the service and its implementation. Contact us!


Nordic Pharma Insights is an automated reporting tool for sales of medicines

Medical information combined with local pharmaceutical expertise from all Nordic countries. We provide the fastest-updated reports on the market. Increase your business efficiency and release resources with our tool!

Nordic Pharma Insights produces to your company:

  • Reports updated immediately at the beginning of the month
  • Competitors' comparisons with unified medicines and business names
  • Detailed product information
  • Regional reports from all countries
  • Customisable reports, such as reports from a company's own competition teams
  • Efficient indicators for your business needs

Take advantage of high-quality data with a local perspective!

The Nordic Pharma Insights tool provides your company with Nordic pharmaceutical and business information aggregating and consolidating data from the Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish markets. Each detailed report is based on a profound market knowledge of the local area.

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