Easy-to-use and cost-effective market statistics service

Pharmarket Business Intelligence Service

"The Pharmarket market statistics service helps pharmaceutical companies to understand trends in the pharmaceutical market and thus supports effective operations management and performance measurement."

Would you like support for your business decisions and resource planning? Do you need up-to-date and reliable information on the overall pharmaceutical market, regional-level sales and competitors?

The Pharmarket market statistics service enables pharmaceutical companies and other operators to analyse the Finnish pharmaceutical market at the national and regional levels.

The benefits of the service

  • Healthcare professional, compare medication practices with other hospital districts  
  • Pharmaceutical professional, strengthen your competitive position with up-to-date and reliable market data  
  • Tailor the service to your own needs  
  • Take advantage of the best knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry

For companies marketing pharmaceuticals, the service offers an up-to-date and reliable view of the overall market, regional sales and competitor tracking. Sales and price information is updated every two weeks. The easy-to-use and versatile service enables pharmaceutical companies to make justified business decisions and steer their operations in the desired direction.

The service provides concrete tools for authorities, associations, research companies and businesses that offer consulting services to develop both their own and their clients’ operations, and for lobbying and market research.

Access market statistics at any time and any place

The Pharmarket market statistics services is available as Excel and PowerBI versions:

  • Standardised PowerBI reports are easy to use and optimised for use on a tablet. The sales data and price database are updated according to the Taksa pharmaceutical product database every two weeks.
  • In Excel you can create and use reports based on the needs of your company. You can easily compile suitable reports to support the work of each user, such as management reports or reports that support the work of sales representatives.
  • For demanding users, we provide a data cube that allows you to produce the desired report easily and quickly in your own Excel file. You can also integrate graphs into PowerPoint.
  • You can also include your company’s own data in the reports.

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Customer stories
Teittinen and Hiirikoski, Orion Pharma
They listen to our requests and take them into consideration.
Panu Teittinen, Orion Pharma
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