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Customer stories
This cooperation has played a huge role in the process, as Pharmaceutical Information Centre is our partner in keeping Apotti up to date. I hope that we can continue working with them to be able to provide the social and health care professionals an even more efficient tool also in the future
Katri Yli-Kovero, Application Coordinator Manager , Apotti
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Panu Teittinen and Tuija Hiirikoski
I personally feel that the Pharmaceutical Information Centre is a pretty agile company. Their excellent customer service also takes care of us and strives for continuous improvement. I have been left with a very positive image of the company.
Portfolio Development Manager Panu Teittinen, Orion Pharma
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Annakaija Lappalainen
The content of Genomics and Individual Pharmacotherapy training was excellent and carefully designed as a whole. Speakers with versatile backgrounds, from genetic experts and healthcare service providers to legislators, formed a many-sided, but clear picture of gene information's state today − and what might be the situation tomorrow.
Annakaija Lappalainen, Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Aava Medical Centre
We have paid special attention to the handling of medical data in Mediatri. For example, a user can easily search for information on the preparations and compare their pharmacological properties. Our customers have been very pleased with the availability of medical information in our systems.
Tommi Salaspuro, CEO, Mediconsult