Lääketietokeskus Ajankohtaista Tiedotteissa Pharmaca Fennica® celebrates 40th anniversary

Pharmaca Fennica® celebrates 40th anniversary

The first Pharmaca Fennica book was published in 1975. Back then it was small enough to fit in the doctor's pocket. 40 years later Pharmaca Fennica can be still found in the doctor's pocket ­­­− on a mobile phone or tablet computer. Today Pharmaca Fennica book consists of five volumes and over 6000 pages. More than 200 pharmaceutical products included in the 1975 book are still present in the newest edition and the database. The 40th anniversary edition includes 26 novel active substances, most of them targeted at cancer, like in previous years.

Professional editorial staff ensures high quality

There is a strong team of professionals working at Pharmaceutical Information Centre. "Team of ten pharmacists produces and updates our drug information databases every day for our customers" explains Editor-in-chief Essi Kariaho. Pharmacists work within a unique network of authorities and pharma companies to ensure the quality of Pharmaca Fennica drug information solutions.

The 40th anniversary year brings a new member to Pharmaca Fennica product family: Hoitotyön Pharmaca Fennica (Nurses' Pharmaca Fennica), online service tailored for nursing care. New service was launched during the Pharmaca Fennica Tour that started from Helsinki Medical Convention in January 2015 and continues in other university hospital cities.

Pharmaca Fennica 40th Anniversary Tour

Pharmaceutical Information Centre will meet physicians on the anniversary tour to university hospital cities. "This year we are bringing our latest development project, Pharmaca Fennica MI, with us to the field. Every visitor will get a chance to give their input to the adverse effect visualization tool that we are currently working on", tells Director Topi Hanhela.

Helsinki (Finnish Medical Convention, Expo and Convention Centre), 7.–9.1.2015
Kuopio (KYS, Auditorium 1, lobby), 27.1.2015
Turku (TYKS, T-hospital cafeteria), 3.2.2015
Oulu (Medical Convention, Oulu Music Centre), 18.–20.2.2015
Tampere (Tampere Medical Convenction, Tampere Hall), 18.–20.3.2015

More Information 

Essi Kariaho
Director, Drug Information, Editor-in-chief
work +358 9 6150 4935
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Minna Palhamo
work +358 400 377 010
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Topi Hanhela
Director, Customer Relations & Business Development
work +358 40 518 0792
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